Hockey December 20, 2017


Setup and execution: Players are in groups of two, with two pylons placed
20-25 feet apart. Players go around the pylons and attack the stationary
player by sliding the puck through the attack triangle, first on forehand
then on backhand.

Key teaching points:

  • Deep knee bend for balance.
  • Obstacles are close together to develop quick hands.
  • Attack the stick shafts on the ice by using a toe drag and pulling the
    puck to the forehand; the puck does not touch the back of the blade on
    these drags.
  • Attack the stationary player; vary this by going wide or attacking the
    triangle of the defender.

New for this season, the drills available through the Hockey Canada Network
have been enhanced – in addition to a diagram and written explanation, each
drill includes a video showing how it works, and a clip showing exactly how
the drill can be beneficial in a game situation.

The Network app allows coaches to filter through hundreds of drills, select
which ones they want for practice, and share the drills with their team.
Players and other coaches can now step on the ice already knowing what the
drills look like, meaning that less time is spent explaining, and more time
can be spent practicing.

At the start of every month, Drills of the Month will be posted on the
Hockey Canada Network for coaches of every level. The drills will be shared
through teams within the Network; follow the instructions below to join a

If you already have a Hockey Canada Network account,
select the link that corresponds to your program level to join and receive
the Drills of the Month. You can join as many teams as you would like.

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If you are new to the Hockey Canada Network,
follow these instructions to set up your free account. The Hockey Canada
Network is available to Android and iOS users. Any smartphone, Android
tablet or iPad user will be able to download the Network and become
familiar with the digital resources available to coaches.

The free version of the Network app will allow users to receive ‘shared
information’ from coaches or MHA administrators. Anyone with the full
account can push any of the content to someone with an account.

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